The BBC’s Ben Hunte says he was insulted by the media after Lawrence Fox’s tweet

The BBC’s LGBT correspondent says actor Lawrence Fox has been the victim of racist and homosexual abuse since he tweeted about him.

Ben Hante said he would allow the police to “capture” the incident.

The actor shared a screenshot on the journalist’s Twitter profile in a post – which probably seems to have been deleted – which was published earlier this week following the next message: “So I’m glad I’m not paying for it anymore. ”

Fox, who has been a frequent critic of the broadcaster, shared the message along with a link to an account titled Defend the BBC, which promotes the cancellation of the announcement of non-payment of license fees.

He later said he was “sorry” for what Hunte had done.

Hunte said Fox’s original tweet sent a discriminatory message to him.

“I and my family were sent racist and gay torture after following the screenshot I posted below,” Hunte tweeted. “I’m fine – but I’ll let the police take over.

“If you do not agree with my work, or the BBC’s editorial guidelines, or the decisions I am not involved in LGBT-related, please do not contact my family with hatred. Please use the BBC’s complaints process. “

He added: “I am doing my best. I am proud to be a journalist and I am grateful for those who share their experiences with me. “

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Fox later responded by saying, “I’m sorry to hear you’ve been abused.”

“It’s horrible and I know exactly how you’re feeling.” “My view is that the BBC is increasingly creating divisions and divisions and should be destroyed.” I believe in people, not short stories. “

The BBC issued a statement saying it would “not tolerate abuse and threats aimed at our journalists”, which was encouraged by Hunty’s abuse.

The BBC News Press Office added a tweet from the account: “They [journalists] All adhere to the BBC’s editorial standards – meaning their reports need to include a variety of perspectives and voices. It never leads to personal abuse.

It added that complainants should express their concerns through the BBC’s website.

Hunte is the first BBC correspondent to be hired to cover sex and gender-related stories. The former neuroscience student previously worked as an intern in 2017 before joining the BBC as a YouTuber and filmmaker.

In September, Fox announced that he was launching a political party to “rebuild” British values. The group was originally known as Reclaim, but a charity of the same name was reportedly forced to abandon the name after a legal challenge.

Fox has been contacted for comment.

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