The BBC dismissed complaints from the Eurovision Song Contest 2021.

The UK entry into Eurovision was done by James Newman (Image: Rex)

The BBC dismissed viewers’ complaints that the Eurovision Song Contest was “political” and “a waste of property”.

The competition, which was broadcast by the BBC, was held in Rotterdam last week with fewer broadcasts, as organizers canceled the event in 2020 due to a coronovirus epidemic.

Rock band Menaskin won the Cup for Italy with the song Zitti e Buoni, but it was a disappointing night for Britain as striker James Newman did not score a single point to join Amber.

The announcer responded to complaints about the incident, saying: “The” political “allegation of votes in the contest is not new.

He said in a statement that Eurovision was “profitable” given the number of spectators lined up for the final on 22 May.

An article on the BBC’s Executive Complaints Unit page stated: “Ever since the Eurovision Song Contest first began on our television in 1956, the competition has continued to follow. Spring rules for the BBC.

Italian Menskin won this year’s competition and their song Zitti e Buoni (Photo: Backgrid)

The allegation of the vote being “political” in the contest is not new. The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) is strongly committed to ensuring the fairness of the Eurovision Song Contest and has designed a wide range of procedures to ensure this.

“Eurovision is the world’s most watched non-sport live event and the 2021 competition provided BBC viewers with more than eight hours of content across three shows. The BBC One Grand Final drew an average of 7.4 million viewers. It is very beneficial. For a popular entertainment program. “During rush hours.

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Also: BBC

Meanwhile, James has successfully taken the Eurovision score, although he has recently admitted that he “imagined” a UK win ahead of his performance.

Asked if he was going to do a night lottery, the singer replied that “he couldn’t tell the truth” because “it was really good”.

“I was just trying to imagine victory so that I could touch positively,” he explained.

“You can’t know. By writing and singing songs for people, you can’t guarantee that they will reach the audience.”

“I think I just wanted to do my best for myself and we certainly did. My whole team has been fantastic. It was a great time. I will not change anything for the world”.

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