The asteroid is the size of the Golden Gate Bridge at the top of the Earth, 56,000 miles per hour

A genorus asteroid has been placed in close proximity to Earth this week.

The asteroid is 0.51 kilometers long – equivalent to San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge – and will cover 4,302,775 kilometers of Earth.

It is also said to be the tallest building in the world, equal to the height of Burj Khalifa in Dubai, which is 800 meters high.

NASA defined asteroids as ‘rockless, windless remnants of our solar system about 4.6 billion years ago’ and states that there are 1,031,488 of them to date.

This particular asteroid was first discovered by scientists in New Mexico on November 2000, and they have been searching for it ever since.

The asteroid 153201 2000 WO 107 is expected to come close to Earth on Sunday, November 29, at 10:09 GMT and is estimated to travel at approximately 56,000 miles per hour. Now try to hit Those Speed, Lewis Hamilton.

It is classified as the nearest Earth asteroid (NEA) because it would come within 1.3 astronomical miles of Earth, in addition to being dubbed as a potentially harmful asteroid (PHA).

It is also classified as an Apollo asteroid because it will collide with Earth’s orbit as it passes through space.

It has been classified as a NEA – as well as it is absolutely huge – astronomers will unfortunately not be able to spot asteroid 153201 2000 W107 from Earth.

Although it has been said that the asteroid actually has zero chance of hitting our planet, as it is classified as an NEA, NASA has probably still implemented its national near-Earth object preparation strategy and action plan for the worst case scenario, it has been reported. Express.

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