The algorithm will rank the suggested content to the detriment of your friends’ publications

In early June, Instagram manager Adam Mosseri detailed how the platform’s algorithms work. an operation that will no longer be relevant as Instagram is currently testing a new algorithm that distorts the hierarchy of publications in the News Feed; Thus suggested content is given priority over friends’ publications.

For now, Instagram’s News Feed is made up of suggested content influenced by friends’ posts and users’ past actions (e.g., comments, registrations), but these only appear once uploaded. Reviewed for the first time. However, it looks like Instagram wants to change this hierarchy and offer more suggested content through posts from the people we follow.

a smooth change

Currently, the new algorithm is only deployed to a small number of iOS users. And if the latter is still in the testing phase, we can imagine that it will soon be fully adopted, forcing users to scroll more through the application to find the posts of accounts whose He has subscribed. A way for the social network to encourage users to stay on its application longer, but also to consult accounts of suggested content.

A new operation that shouldn’t please everyone, especially users who regularly accuse the forum of “shadowban” of drowning out controversial publications or that don’t please him.

Instagram still wants the transition to go well as the social network plans to offer new settings to its users to ensure they can select their centers of interest. These will have an impact on their news feed recommendations.

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