The Algerian regime is desperate to distance itself from Tebboune’s irresponsible comments on Tunisia


During his official visit to Italy last week from May 25 to 27, Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune said during a news conference with Italian President Sergio Mattarella that Rome and Algiers share the same vision. Tunisia is currently facing a political-economic crisis. “There is complete convergence in our diplomatic and political positions. We share Tunisia’s problems. We are both ready to help Tunisia out of the impasse until it finds a democratic way,” said the Algerian president, referring to its Maghreb neighbor of the East and North African country. Geographically to Italy. closest.

Tebboune’s words are quite clear and do not lend themselves to any ambiguity. They are witness to explicit interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign country and are based on reducing the size of the Tunisian nation. Tebboune, who “armed” the presidential ceremony according to one of Hirak’s key slogans, clearly did not measure the impact of his filmed announcement. He indirectly accused his counterpart Kas Said of driving Tunisia to a standstill, crisis, even a coup against local constitutional institutions.

In response to the Algerian president’s comments, the Tunisian media immediately called the Algerian “almost-faced”, an “interference” in Tunisia’s internal affairs and “an assault on its sovereignty”.

Faced with the extent of the outrage generated in Tunisia, the Algerian regime has activated all its relays to accuse – once again – Makhzen by taking Tebboune’s remarks out of context, to emphasize the fact that we Above all not to give in to the jealousy of the honeymoon between Algiers and Tunis, and also to say that the Algerian president would be the last one to violate his country’s principle of not interfering in trade with another country, etc.

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In this regard, the Algerian Foreign Minister Ramtane Lamamara has chosen to communicate with Malabo in Equatorial Guinea on the matter. It was enough for him to take a tweet from the Tunisian head of diplomacy, Othman Gerandi, in which he recalled the brief meeting on the sidelines of the Extraordinary Summit of the African Union on Terrorism and Unconstitutional Transformation in Africa.

In this tweet, Othman Gerandi confirmed that “Algeria will always remain supportive of Tunisia”. The voice of the head of Tunisian diplomacy, known for his vassal to the Algiers regime, is however inaudible due to the outrage caused by Tebboune’s remarks.

At the same time, an anonymous “diplomatic source” spoke in the site’s column ecoroukonlineExplaining that “the remarks of the President of the Republic on the situation in Tunisia gave rise to partisan readings and hypothetical interpretations based on prejudices, which are not consistent with the clear expression by the President of Tunisia and Algeria’s solidarity action with it. In front of the brothers To help them overcome the difficulties that they may face”.

An “active solidarity”? We want to take a good laugh at the condescension of Tebboune’s comments and this expression of a perceived superiority involved in bringing Tunisia “towards the path of democracy”. There is no ambiguity in the clarity of Tebboune’s statement, which greatly embarrasses the Algerian regime, which does not know how to break the impasse without rejecting Tebboune.

The President of the People’s National Assembly (Algerian Parliament), Brahim Baughli, delivered a speech yesterday, which was marked by Algeria’s refusal to interfere in the affairs of other countries. On the subject, he said: “We are working through parliamentary diplomacy to normalize the Algerian approach, which is essentially on the right of the people to adapt their policies according to their specificities and their nature, away from foreign interference. based, this intervention that aims to divide the continent to serve certain interests and destroy African capabilities”. Decoding these comments is in fact the equivalent of Tunisia justifying itself.

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But in reality, the defense of the Algerian regime is too weak and fails to convince anyone. Better still: Among foreign patriarchs, very serious questions have begun to arise about Tebboune’s ability to co-lead the country with the military. The generals have been undermined by successive purges for 7 years and the way to prison or escape seems to be the most laudable fate reserved for their careers. So it is the combination between an army that constantly beheads its leaders, and a president that doesn’t know how to measure his words that makes this regime’s patent mark out of breath today.

For Tunisia, it will certainly take away dividends thanks to Teboune’s irresponsible words. It should come as no surprise that the Algerian regime decides to open its land borders with its eastern neighbor, thus allowing hundreds of thousands of Algerians to spend their holidays on Tunisian beaches.

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