The ‘absolutely horrific’ effects of covid admissions have been revealed in hospitals in the north

EEurope’s growing autumn coronavirus wave region is once again the epicenter of the epidemic, doubling the daily occurrence in the last ten days, Ben Farmer Report.

For the first time on Thursday, the number of daily infections in the region was more than two million, exceeding the combined total in the United States, Brazil and India, Reuters reported.

Many southern European countries have reported their highest one-day cases this week and leaders have warned their health systems face the same overload.

Italy, Austria, Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia reported their highest one-day coronavirus cases on Thursday.

French authorities on Thursday recognized a total of 41,622 new Covid-19 cases, leading to an average of 25,480 infections in the country’s seven-day average.

A senior scientific adviser to the French government says the virus has now spread faster than its early spring outbreak. “The virus is spreading faster … The epidemic began again in August,” said Arnad Fontnet.

The Netherlands, meanwhile, reported more than 9,000 in 24 hours, a new record released by the National Institute for Public Health (RIVM).

More than 10,000 daily cases were reported for the first time on Thursday, raising travel alerts to most parts of Austria and Italy, including Germany, Switzerland, Ireland, Poland and Rome.

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