The 80s cartoon-inspired fantasy Rogue-Lite announced for PC

Known in particular for his work on advanced versions of Baldur’s Gate, Baldur’s Gate II, icewind dale And never winter NightsCanadian studio Beamdog is back with a brand new original project. Officer mythforcePublished by Aspire Media and inspired by the cartoons of the 80s this fantasy Rogue-Lite is in 1st person view Will be released in Early Access on PCOnly through the Epic Games Store (€29.99), next 20 april,

A Title That Makes Last Saturday Morning Smells Good

playable alone or in collaboration with up to fourThe production will invite you to follow its first episode at the launch of its Early Access, beast’s stronghold, Featuring four characters named Victoria, Rico, Maggie and Hawkins, who are respectively a knight, a thief, a mage and a hunter, this legendary team must raid a dungeon controlled by the soldiers of the vampire Lord Daedalus.

As Beamdog CEO Trent Oster points out, whose remarks were relayed by Jematsu, “Mythforce is pure fun straight out of the Saturday mornings of my childhood. With a simple yet satisfying gameplay loop, it’s a huge departure from the classic RPGs we’re known for but the DNA of Beamdog if you try hard enough. is on full display. »

See you in a week to find out what early access this title has in store for us.

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