The 5 Best Places in the UK (Including London!) to Experience the Squid Game

If you’ve been hypnotized too.”squid game“And assuming you have what it takes to participate in those childish but very dangerous sports, you’ll be thrilled to know that it’s possible to participate in a variety of places in the United Kingdom. Contests inspired by the hugely popular Netflix series, Obviously the stakes in these cases are not fatal, but adrenaline and fun are certainly guaranteed. It’s here five best places In the land where you take on the role of Seong Gi-hyun and challenge your friends!

old crown – Birmingham

The Old Crown is a historic Birmingham pub where you can practice your skills in various quizzes. The staff has guaranteed that it won’t just be a board game, but for the time being, everything is still a secret. The only two tips that the organizers leaked are the following: Dust off your childhood games and wear comfortable sneakers!

korean dinner party – london

Korean Dinner Party is the new restaurant inspired by Korean culture and hidden on the top floor of Kingly Court in the heart of Soho in London. In honor of the “Squid Game”, the venue hosts a real cooking game with KDP cash prizes! Ready to challenge your friends to Corndog Roulette or Soju Surprise game?

a good sip corn exchange – Manchester

Nice Sip in Manchester offers the very famous Biscuit Challenge to its customers. When ordering hot chocolate, coffee or traditional Taiwanese bubble tea cafe, you will also be served a round flat cookie made of sugar inscribed with a triangle, star, circle or umbrella. The game involves cutting the design with a needle without breaking the cookie!

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oat e milkshake – Staffordshire

Staffordshire’s Oat and Milkshake has also introduced a biscuit challenge, but with very strict rules! The entry fee for the game is £10 and challengers only have two minutes to carve a cookie without breaking it. The winners will not only be refunded the initial fee, but will also be given a delicious milkshake.

kcal kitchen – Glasgow

Glasgow’s KKL Kitchen staff have revisited the cookie game in a truly diabolical way. The participants are served a stack of pancakes with traditional biscuits on which a figure is inscribed. To win a free meal, you only have to cut out the shape using a knife!

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