Thanks to quantum physics, you can begin to question reality

Imagine solving Sudoco. You have spent some time solving this number puzzle, but in the end you find that something is not working for you. You’re breaking your head, but the solution doesn’t come, so you remove the whole sudoku and start with the part that didn’t work in the end But it is what it is.

Science Alert Portal writes about how you can see the world with the eyes of quantum mechanics. No matter how the experts start, They always get the knot, Which would force them to go back and question the functioning of the world.

When Albert Einstein formed his theory of relativity, he realized that the speed of light is a kind of cosmic limit and that nothing can travel faster than light. This is why he was skeptical when he listened to the theory of physical systems that interacts with a signal that moves faster than light. He called her Scary Distance Action.

In the 1940s, when he learned about this theory, he felt that his theories are They are not perfect And there is an even better theory that can explain the whole story of the universe. But to date, we do not know of a better theory that can alter the ghostly effects of distance. So if we think that we live in a world that is made up of clearly defined things, then we must accept the fact that this action is real at a distance.

Where is the solution hidden?

Although quantum physics knows a way to avoid it, this method will not please Einstein. Many quantum physicists feel that the world around us does not have clear rules. This was also the main idea of ​​the long-running debate between Einstein and Niels Bohr. Bohr claimed that the world around us It does not have clearly defined properties until we see it.

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However, Einstein objected. He claimed that the world around us did this It should consist of something, Otherwise we will not be able to talk to science. However, if we want to compromise between two scientists, quantum physics will become even more awkward.

The solution to this whole problem is the so-called pratyahara. She claims that quantum system measurements can affect this system before it is used. In other words, this observation should have an effect go back in time.

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