Thailand, land repression of migration to Burmese exodus

PSince the military coup of 1 February, around 230 civilians have been killed across the country. The toll could be much worse, with incomunicadoes arrested and hundreds missing. Two of the five million inhabitants of the economic capital Yangon are subject to martial law. And some neighborhoods have fallen into chaos, With violent skirmishes between the military and protesters.

Suddenly, the exodus intensified. According to pictures broadcast by local media, one of the main thoroughfares outside the city was completely overcrowded with crowded vehicles yesterday, with residents putting their belongings on the roofs.

On the social network, many Internet users encouraged the population to leave

« I am coming home to Rakhine StateIn the west of the country, accepted a young woman. I can no longer sleep at night.
In my neighborhood, security forces abducted and tortured people. “

New victims

On social networks, many Internet users encouraged the population to leave, because ” The situation in the city is scary »« It was very stressful to live in Yangon Said a young silversmith who managed to reach the coastal city of Kyukupi, more than 600 kilometers away.

Some 90,000 Burmese refugees already live on the border

Cross-Border Thai officials prepare to receive refugees. « We are able to accommodate 30 to 50,000 », Said the governor of Tak province, Pongrat Piromrat. Some 90,000 Burmese refugees already live along the 1,800-kilometer border between the two countries, with the military and rebel factions going back decades. Burma has also reached India in recent weeks Neighbors, while the security forces continue their repression continuously. According to the funeral director, at least two protesters were shot and killed in the center of the country, fearing a heavy toll.

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International sanctions were announced on Monday

Janta’s generals turn a deaf ear to many international condemnations, and ignore the restrictions imposed by the United States, the European Union, and the United Kingdom. Brussels announced on Monday new measures on the economic interests of targeted troops, which we learned from French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian. In Geneva, UN human rights experts believe that states relied on the principle of universal jurisdiction to prosecute “people responsible for acts constituting a crime against humanity”.

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