Testing Liverpool with Diego Jotta is the right solution to Joe Gomez’s injury

When the news spread that Joe Gomez had suffered a disturbing knee injury on international duty, you could hear almost collective wailing from half of Marseilles.

The English international, along with his defensive partner Virgil Van Dijk, has long been ready, with Liverpool’s defensive injuries sinking near the point of crisis.

J ভrgen Klopp has already discussed possible center-back plans in the wake of Ver Dijk’s injury, with Andrew Robertson and Jordan Henderson citing Fabinho and Joel Matip as possible summaries.

Whether the clubs come down on the youngsters – Knut Phillips and Rice Williams making their debut in recent Premier League and Champions League matches – or experience, the best form of Liverpool defense can be offensive attack, as the old adage goes.

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The Liverpool manager made a bold tactical surprise at Etihad Stadium by changing his usual 4-3-3 system and fielding four forwards. From his point of view the opening half of the football was breathtaking, Manchester City suffocated and managed to get in and out of line.

Diego Jotter’s form gave the Reds a timely fourth watch in their already massively terrifying attack and it could follow Ehud’s blueprint as the season progresses due to Gomez’s latest injury.

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According to the underlying information, Liverpool’s attacking numbers are the best in the Premier League. Only Chelsea and Tottenham have scored more runs this season, but the Reds’ output has not matched the quality.

As shown below, no team is creating higher volume or higher quality prospects for every 90 minutes in the Premier League.

The amount and quality of Liverpool’s potential is the best in the Premier League this season.

Aston Villa are Red’s closest rivals in terms of the average number of shots taken in the match, while Tottenham are also proud of the number of penalty-penalty expected goals, but not at the same rate as the Premier League champions.

It highlights that the more firepower Liverpool has on the field, the more likely they are to blow up the opposition. Liverpool’s main scorers are Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane, Roberto Firmino is out of form. Short-term – Snatching goals from Van Dijk and Trent Alexander-Arnold resulted in no midfielder proving they could meet.

When you also consider Liverpool’s defensive data, the overall attack becomes bigger. The Reds ’backline this season has admitted that the number of shots is low; Only Brighton and Manchester City have better protected their backlines from incoming shots.

Liverpool are not allowing a lot of shots to their target this season but the value of the chances they have is very high.

Unlike the Seagulls and their Premier League title rivals, the chances of surrendering to the opposing attackers are much higher and this number must be with the first-choice defenders in one or both of their teams.

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Liverpool’s attacking players’ fluent front four match against Manchester City suggests that if they are able to stand in front of the opposition, they can overtake any team in the division. Defense can usually win your title, but it has already been shown as a fun old season tu in an unprecedented year.

Only a very good side in a possession or counter-attack like Liverpool’s next opponent, Leicester City, will be able to fight the offensive press from the front of Liverpool, the others will just break il

Klopp – and can not only abandon all defensive structures and organization, but also marry the perfect solution by combining the dilemma of attack considering defense issues. All-out attack.

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