Test – GRID Legends, fast hovering

grid legends Not a bad car racing game. certainly not. It offers rich, varied content and a huge lifespan. But the problem is that the whole thing doesn’t make sense. No sense of progress. Beyond that, GRID oscillates between the cool and clean aspect of the competition and a serious approach with very arcade driving sensibilities. And about the funny and peculiar landscape modes as the global internets say. then no grid legends Not a bad car racing game in itself, it’s just another box game drowned out among many others, some of which are much better. In style, you can choose DiRT 5, more fun and colorful, or Forza Horizon, or…


I’m not a number, I’m a free man!

The story mode isn’t a bad joke either. Not even a dick, because that would mean it was unintentionally funny in the third degree. No, it’s pathetic to follow the adventures of a young sprout to a stables to the heights. The tools deployed, the actors and especially the dubbing make it a show that is over eight hours long. Bad people are very bad. They are undoubtedly arrogant, misogynistic, undrinkable and obnoxious. Nothing is going to them. And the smaller outside team on the other hand has all the values ​​needed to fuel their growing young talent. Anything but to respect your identity! I will come back to this later.

In the end, the player is the bad guy. Let me explain: whether you drive properly or not, the result is the same. And since humans are lazy, I never get tired of playing it fair for a long time. Anyway, the gameplay is far from the great practice of car racing to put in the arcade and the occasional destruction derby. If the scenario is monotonous, the comments are followed only by speakers who are baffled by their stereotypical and stupid sentences. An example : “It is ideal for increasing straight line speedNot a joke. Repeated for eight hours. I cut my voice after two.

Not to mention the constant restlessness around the pilot we play. So yes we can choose first and last name. But thru and thru, I’m “pilot 22”. I don’t know, a surname system like Forza would have omitted a semblance of dignity. Wish not. So, during awkward cutscenes, inane comments, I’m only “22”, it ended me. I am not a number, I am a free man! So I quickly escaped except in the forgotten game mode. Ah yes, the good guys win in the end. Wonderful, isn’t it?


stuck at high speed

In addition to scenarios, there’s an extremely rich career mode with dozens and dozens of tests. And like the previous mods, they are chained without brains. But most? It no longer has embarrassing cut scenes in the middle. Oh [émoticône de soulagement], The racing modes are classic with Time Attack, Elimination and the ranges of vehicles enough to limit boredom a bit possibly, But nothing helps. What are we doing here? We earn virtual money, we buy new cars to do the following races and what? I never have that feeling of progress, of actually unlocking something new. I hover at high speed.

The race takes place on a spectacular circuit, with special mention being Barcelona, ​​where the Sagrada Familia is located. That Chicago is also worth visiting, at night and in the rain, the races are spectacular and furious. The content is massive there too, with four to six variants per layout. Which can start an infinite multiplayer mode. I wish I had stopped, I would have readily accepted. I didn’t dare to go online after 15 hours of going around in circles and in the void.


accessibility criteria

visual impairment Hearing impairment
I High Contrast (Target Reticle) I subtitles with mood cues
I font color size speaker’s identity
I mark enemies I customizable font
I customizable interface I customizable font color
I Customizable Minimal Colors I Optional alert options (vibration, flash…)
I color blindness option I Reported ambient sounds (presence notification)
I text-to-speech option
I game meltdown

test conditions

TV details 4K game provided by publisher Yes
to console xbox series x game time 15 hours
difficulty level Simple Game over No

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