Tesla Roadster and Starman create the first intimate approach to Mars

Tesla Roadster and Starman create the first intimate approach to Mars

It’s been two years and eight months since the historic event and the interest in Rodstar and Starman’s journey has waned somewhat, which is still impressive. If you wake up in the morning and quietly ask yourself while sipping coffee, “Yeah, I’m surprised to see where Starman is today.” As it is, the answer comes from SpaceX: Starman is shaking the sight of the Red Planet. Or did, in short.

“Starman, the last time it left Earth, made its first approach to Mars today – 0.05 in a unit of astronomy or 5 million miles from the Red Planet.” SpaceX said in a recent tweet.

Of course, it’s not like Starman has come a long way from Mars, but it’s still closer to Earth than it is now, according to the RTI Star and its pilot’s progress. The same source notes that if the roadster’s battery still works, Starman will listen Space weirdness 265,533 times a year, and Is there life on Tuesday? 357,794 times in the other.

The Starman is a putty wearing a prototype of the SpainX space suite, and there’s another smaller version inside the dashboard’s Hot Wheels Toy Roadster. A data storage device with a copy of Isaac Asimov Foundation The novels are included, only in the case of two pairs of aliens encountering in their space journey.

The Roadstar was launched into space on board the SpaceX Falcon Heavy Rocket, with no specific target in mind. It travels at a speed of 4,6441 miles per hour (4699 kilometers) and will continue to go into space until it collides and is destroyed. Unless it has already happened.

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