Tesla Model S and X2021 will have a choice of “classic” or “airplane handle” steering wheel

A fan of Tesla refreshed the next Tesla Model S in the jungle. And information to remember the concerns of the cockpit’s equipment: We discover a newly improved steering wheel, but look without the “airplane handle” that we could see in earlier scenes.

Credit: Tesla Owners Club Michigan via Facebook

Last month, Tesla unveiled the new powertrain platform as well as a new version of the Model S and Model X with new interior design. One of the most commented points was the new steering wheel in the shape of an airplane handle. This type of design is not completely new at Tesla as the brand introduced a similar design when it announced the new Tesla Roadster in 2017.

The brand thus justified the arrival of this steering wheel in the Model S and X : “It allows you to focus better on driving without using a lever / rod [comme par exemple celle pour actionner le clignottant, ndlr] Or change gears. With this rodent ‘airplane handle’ design, you get both the best car to drive and the best car to carry passengers.

2021 Tesla Model S and X customers could choose steering wheel design

Note that if we speak in French of the “handle of the airplane” design, Tesla prefers to speak in English of a “yoke” design that roughly translates to the yoke that is used for the harness of two animals Is done for The rectangular design develops the shape slightly, but it seems to us that the analogy with the handle of the airplane still works better in French.

Tesla handles airplane steering wheel
Prototype steering wheel with an airplane handle view

It probably won’t The only option not available to customers when configuring their Model S or X. Tom, Facebook page member Tesla Owners Club Michigan Actually seen in one of the next Tesla Model S in Toledo, Ohio. It was looking into the passenger compartment, where it noted the presence of a new steering wheel with more common shapes (we can see this in the front page of this article).

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It seems like‘This is a prototype Because Tesla has clearly installed a large stop button under a cup, and labeled several buttons. According to the electric website Tesla store in Toledo has confirmed that this “classic” steering wheel will be available as an option, But for now the brand has not officially confirmed anything at a high level.

Sincerely: Electrake

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