Terminale STMG: How to live a course in management, management science and digital?

While the end of high school is becoming less frequent, the specialties have not been presented for batch tests. L’Etudiant gives you some advice to make the most of your final weeks of classes at home, or high school, and prepare yourself as much as possible for the next year.

In the final STMG student, do you plan to pursue higher studies, for example BTS or BUT (formerly DUT)? So you have every interest Seriously work on management, management and digital science (MSGN) specialties At the end of the year.

This feature will serve as a basis for the future of students and thanks to its contribution to the world of companies and organizations.“, Underscores Caroline Perrin, who teaches at BTS and at the beginning of an accounting specialization course, in addition to delivering an MSGN course at Lycée Marie-de-Champagne in Troyes in ATS (10).

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Mastering the basics

This is all the more true as the March final tests of the technical crisis were canceled due to the health crisis and replaced by continuous evaluation. As a result, bake-type tests are conducted in many high schools during the month of May. Revisions are necessary.

Emphasizes the importance of professors contacted by the student Mastered the basics pre-worked : Characterization of organization (resources, objectives), internal and external diagnostics, strategic options (specialization, diversification, integration, outsourcing, cost dominance) …

One advice should not be ignored, while you may have dealt with some of these points too quickly (or badly) as the 2019-2020 school year is complicated by earlier imprisonment. With these concepts in mind, creating a review sheet is definitely a possibility.

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Recalculate and modify as bac

At the same time, Nicolas Gillard, who teaches MSGN in the final STMG at the International Lychee de Paris-Honoré de Balzac (75), advises “Repeat” on the higher count section (Margin rate, absolute cost, specific cost, etc.).

Economics-management educators also recommend that students on these tests be revised at the rate of “revisions of at least one hour per day” as “were for BAC”. These hours are normally in addition to the six hours spent each week.

Beyond these common tests within installations, MSGN should also serve you for another deadline. “This general teaching is useful for grand oral”, Nicholas Gillard recalls. This is especially true if one of your two questions is between your specific teaching and MSGN.

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Essential knowledge for grand oral

But not only, according to the Parisian professor. “If a student works on a question focused on their specific teaching during the grand oral, the jury can still go ahead and ask them to gather knowledge of the Common Core,” He explains. The link will necessarily be very easy to find. “

For the teacher, therefore there is no doubt, “a student who is weak on the Common Core may suffer harm during grand oral”. “It can punish at the time of interrogation”, it is meant to say during the first ten-minute exchange with the jury, after its presentation.

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