Tension between Morocco and Algeria, a dilemma for China

King Mohammed VI and President Xi Jinping

Morocco and Algeria’s partner China is not going to play a mediator in resolving a conflict that is more than 45 years old, which essentially revolves around the Western Sahara issue. “Beijing can’t play this role”, declared former Algerian minister Nur-Eddin Bukroh? In an interview with artificial satellite.

Tensions between Morocco and Algeria have been ongoing since 1975 due to the Western Sahara issue. The Polisario Front, supported by Algeria, is fighting for the organization of a self-judging referendum according to UN Security Council resolutions valid for the creation of a UN mission for the organization of a referendum in Western for this purpose is. Sahara (MINURSO).

For its part, the Sherefian Empire claimed its sovereignty over the territory of the Western Sahara, from 1975 onwards, following the Green March launched by the late King Hassan II. In addition, Morocco proposes as a solution autonomy scheme, under its sovereignty, of the region supported by some countries such as France or the United States.

At the diplomatic level, Morocco is overtaking Polisario and Algeria, who return to the private Algerian press. But China, which is a partner of Morocco and Algeria, is not going to play a mediating role in resolving a conflict more than 45 years old. “Algerian minister Nur-Eddin Bukroh said in an interview,” Beijing cannot play this role artificial satellite. He cited several reasons.

“China has no qualifications, it does not concern itself with human rights issues or people’s right to self-determination,” he explained, believing that Beijing is doing politics of its own interests and defending universal ideals Does not try to integrate their vision of the world and what they consider harmful to their culture and to their way of imagining politics and international relations.

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For him, China is “in the process of serving its position of Middle Kingdom”. As an example, he cites China’s diplomatic approach to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He added, “As part of its rivalry with the United States, later exiting the Middle East region, China landed with all its weight and offered to obtain Israeli and Palestinian authority for peace talks.” , He indicated.

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