Tennis supporter Bart van den Berg chose a career in EY accountancy this morning

His professional career has been only four years. An injury forced accountant Bart van den Berg to stop. From this month, he will exchange tennis courts for the EY’s office garden in Rotterdam.

late bloomer

Dentist’s son Van den Berg (27) has been playing tennis courts for three years. Seeing others first, but soon playing themselves as well. However, he was not a top talent in his youth and after his high school he went to study economics. He continued to play tennis and kept getting better, and as a European student champion in 2016, a dream came true. The late Blomer Van den Berg was still able to become a professional at the age of 23. Unfortunately, a shoulder injury immediately threw a spanner in the works. After an operation and a comeback, he won his first ATP point during a future in Madrid in late April 2017. That summer he played a lot and advanced to the quarter-finals at Oldzenal and Rotterdam. Unfortunately, he was injured with an overloaded wrist. His best trip was to Qatar, but he did not play his best tennis in Doha.

Not just against Federer

He himself considers the 2016 ABN AMRO World Tennis Tournament his attraction. In the main tournament he was allowed to play doubles with Jessie Hatta Galang at the center court of Ahoi. It is a shame that Roger Federer was withdrawn, as with this the possibility of standing with the Swiss on the same training track increased in smoke. Van den Berg played his last international match for the last time. He had to stop the fight in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, with a leg injury. He seemed ready for the men’s division this spring until a broken intervertebral disc began playing outside in his back. That was the moment Van den Berg switched.

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Voice mail

Number eighteen in the Netherlands has been operating at Ernst & Young in Rotterdam since September. ‘I had the opportunity to start at the company where I graduated. This is a good step at the right time. I had to think about that decision for a long time. Van den Berg says in Algmin Dagbal. As a tennis pro, he earned $ 4,312 in prize money according to Wikipedia. Van den Berg was not available for comment. He is still so new to EY that he has not updated the voicemail of his corporate phone. The message is still from the previous owner.

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