Tennis – Paris-Bercy Tournament: Hugo Gaston as the Godfather of the Banquet! The history of osmosis with the French masses

Finished by Russian Second World Daniil Medvedev (7-6, 6-4) in the quarter-finals after playing three balls in the first set, Toulouse would have managed a grand week at Bercy and struck a chord with the masses. With feelings, French tennis. A safe link

“The Loneliness of the Penalty Taker” inspired English author Ben Littleton in 2015. Not sure if Hugo Gaston is immersed in the book in the days to come. Well, there’s no need.

This brutal spirit attacked him 5–4, 40/0, ​​the first inning against Daniil Medvedev, the defending champion, in a molten bercy, attacked severely by hysteria, both delirium and decibel higher than the Davis Cup. Woodstock reminded me. A forehand mid-court to be executed in front of an overwhelmed Russian, field wide open, penalty. Toulouse did not support him enough, with the world No. 2 winning the point. And apologize: “Already, on the serve, I thought it was an ace, I put my hand, the ball is back, luck.” Half an hour after the duel, Gaston’s head stormed, including: “I still think about it. It’s the only part of the match I can regret. I had to do better.”

This Monday the 67th World

Slap. turn. Groggy, upside down in a flash, could not complete Mark Barbier’s hero set, neither in the game, nor in the tie-break, which he mastered for a long time (5–4, two serves to follow). with, then 7-9). A crazy round with a backhand roll followed by a smash, a retro backhand volley at break point, passing towards the end of the race. Badabaum, from Babel of the Great Age, half-cartouche, half-brilliant. A show that Toulouse enhanced with a few strokes of brilliance in the second act, despite the fatigue that suddenly caught up with him: it is impossible to know what would have happened if Hugo Gaston had snatched the opening round.

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Fans will probably have snuggled up their seats, delighted to find a statue, to confirm that Toulouse, the 67th world day yesterday, was not the pomp of a single tournament. After Roland-Garros 2020, which is wrongly regarded as a fantasy, Hugo Gaston is actually on his way to write a soap opera, a biopic full of vibrancy, which NextGen masters (under 22) During the resumption of Tuesday in Milan.

Taking the public at Bercy in his Farandol, thirteen months earlier, Toulouse filled a gap after he woke himself up to addiction, despite the low gauge (1,000 spectators per court). Fans followed behind closed doors in complete confinement with a bercy 2020, the Davis Cup canceled – instead of what’s left – and a Roland-Garros, last June, where no French have reached the third round. Salt free diet. Help.

Forget: “Every Time, It’s David Who Defeats Goliath”

However, the popularity of Hugo Gaston is not associated only with economic status. The public always chooses its heroes well, says the federation’s president, Gilles Moreton: “Hugo is a bit like Gael (Monfils), he likes to give people pleasure, gives his all. He is always exemplary. and wants you to go back to play tennis”. Tournament Director Guy Forgett Pia Whey: “Hugo is so stunning, unusual in an era that serves at speeds of 210 km/h and mines everywhere. Already enamored in his style, it is David who Beats Goliath. It makes him so cute.”

The player’s excesses and the young man’s (21 year old) measure created a cocktail that rebooted the heat pump. Hugo Gaston became the champion of reconciliation and the winner of the bercy in 1991, his first admirer: “He is good, modest, healthy, he sweats. Modest off the court, he frees himself on it, communicates with the public , Something like one without overplaying. It’s natural, instinctive. In every match, we find ourselves on the show. So, of course, we dive into the joy. it was time…

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The semi-finals and finals (Saturdays and Sundays) air on C8 channel.

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