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Do you miss tennis and have lots of Christmas movies? We have a solution! Read and discover players through your writing to keep in touch. Today we will give our opinion on the autobiography of the young retirees of the WTA circuit: “Unstoppable” by Maria Sharapova.

Invincible maria

General belief

Many of you will be reluctant to read it. Actually, this book released on May 23, 2018 is based on the life of Maria Sharapova. The great Russian is known for his powerful tennis, but also his antagonist, his coolness and sometimes very clear words. Yet the charismatic Sharapova gives a completely different image of herself in this book, between confession and revelation. So it is a pleasant surprise to find a player who looks inaccessible to give with great philanthropy. So it seems that “Masha” is much softer equipped with a feather than a racket.

A working life to shine

From the opening, a quote from Nelson Mandela sets the tone: “Don’t judge me by my successes, how many times I’ve fallen and risen.” This sentence nicely introduces the biography of the Russian athlete. Actually, in this story we find many statements on her personal but professional life and she does not avoid delicate subjects. Through the timeline, we will make countless concessions from his first batting ball at the age of 4, by him and his family to take him to the top but not just that. Beyond the classic life we ​​envision as a player, Maria Sharapova unleashes her fight against the Williams sisters. In addition, she returns to her rivalry with Serena Williams, a few games that marked her career against it. Many times, the American pushed him to his limits. That is why he also told us of his suspicions after his defeat at the Williams memorial.

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Like Andy Murray, Maria is a hardworking woman and a perfectionist at heart. Recurrence is the key to her success, something she tells us precisely by describing her training sessions, where even the slightest blow was repeated continuously to perfection. She also gives us her battles, sometimes against herself, to get herself up while facing many difficult wars (injuries, doping…). From Russia to Australia, through Florida, France or the United Kingdom, the story of Maria Sharapova breaks the planet through international championships. It is with great pleasure and respect that “Masha” takes us to the four corners of our career.

Being a woman in tennis is not easy

“Not easy when you spend your time on planes”

In addition to being a sportsperson, Sharapova is a woman and you will have the opportunity to fully understand the concerns of loneliness in this closed tennis environment. There are many emotional hurdles in the players’ lives and Maria Sharapova explains this many times. The adversity that complicates friendship and the difficulty of getting romantic life out of the loop. Repeat, work and move forward, but alone: ​​this is the problem raised by Sharapova.

“Unstoppable” becomes a book, in which the tone given by the Russians and Toner is left to a lot of intimacy between the reader and the player. Steadfast, combative, rigid, disciplined and committed, this is the face of a champion at heart that the Russian shows us. One must read and re-read a book to learn from the mental strength of this athlete who has worked hard to shine.

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