Ten favorite tourist attractions in the UK

This list compiled by Tripadvisor users has notable surprises, for example you do not find great museums in London, but we have museums in other locations and two football stadiums.

In the first and second place we have two notable predictions of London. London tower And this Tower Bridge They are also close even if they are not much in common except in name and proximity. The tower dates back to 1100 and the bridge dates to 1800.

In the third place we have Arthur’s seat (Picture above), a hill located in Edinburgh. Not only is it a good walk, but once you reach the top you will get a good view of the whole city.

In the fourth place we have Etihad StadiumManchester United Stadium. You can see it when there is no match, they organize a guided tour.

In fifth place we have Enfield Stadium, Is a practically sacred place for Liverpool fans. When there are no matches, the stadium is open for guided tours.

Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum Is sixth, Scotland is the most visited free attraction. It has 22 themed galleries which display more than 8000 items of international importance.

Birmingham back to back In seventh place, back to back houses were very popular during the Industrial Revolution. Not really clean or comfortable and they don’t make us jealous of those times. The museum is a very informative explosion from the past.

Crumlin Road Gaul Is in the eighth position. An old Belfast prison closed in 1996 and reopened as a museum. There are guided visits to the prison and you can discover the story of when women and children were kept within its walls until the political separation of Republican and Royalist prisoners took place.

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In the ninth place we have a great National Railway Museum In York. The unique collection of iconic locomotives and unmatched collection of engineering works celebrates the past, present and future of museum rail. What’s more, free.

In tenth place we have Churchill War Room Which are based in London and which we talk about in detail here.

Surprised? What did you expect to see the top ten tourist attractions in the UK?

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