Telling Lies and Gorogoa coming soon to Xbox Game Pass

During the last Annapurna Interactive show we were able to make two very pleasant little surprises! really, excellent to lie and unusual gorogoa Both will arrive in Xbox Game Pass. We don’t have a specific date yet, but we’ll know more in the coming days.

to lie

In case you missed these two experiences, they are both original. to lie is the spiritual continuity of Her Story. Also it is developed by the same person, namely the genius Sam Barlow. You’ll have to investigate by watching videos of different characters and listening to private messages.

Lying puts you in front of an anonymous laptop containing a database full of stolen NSA recordings. The recording covers two years of intimate lives of four people, whose stories are intertwined with a heartbreaking incident. Explore the database by typing in search terms, look at the sequences where those words are spoken, and piece together your story.


This game is more cool and poetic experience than before. Indeed, with hand-drawn puzzles and interactive comic strip looks, gorogoa There is a video game UFO. You have to be clever enough to come to the end of this short experience. However, she will do everything to mark you for a certain amount of time.

Gorogoa is much more than a game: it’s a work of art, expressed through touching and engaging illustrations and brilliant puzzle mechanics.

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