Telemedicine booth in supermarket: CNOM rebel

France – After learning about the inauguration, the teleconference booths within supermarkets themselves, by a large distribution brand, the physicians’ order reminds us strongly that “medicine should not be treated like a business.” ” [1]

Teleconcentration in monoprix

In a press release, Monoprix said this month that it was setting up telescultation space for its customers in two of its stores (Chatillon, 94, and Troyes, 10), before mass deployment. To do this, the brand that defines its company as a pioneer collaborates with many leaders in connected health such as Sims with free screenings for prescription, with prescription issuance (In asynchronous teleconstruction) but also the Teson Express on the telemedicine side. And this can be where the shoe pinches. The monoprix actually mentions the provision of a teleconfiguration booth, in which “the patient is kept in contact without an appointment – 7 minutes after waiting on average – with a general practitioner. The patient is assigned his Social Security Identifier (Vital Card) Is registered using and does not require an advance on costs ”, specifying the commercial brand.

Declaration of the National CouncilDoctor’s orders (CNOM). Less than a week later, he protested in a statement titled “Teleconciliation in supermarkets: health is no business”, against the initiative, calling on the government to “protect the principles that govern the organization of care in France” To react strongly to and to protect ”. Medical Act in the service of patients ”.

No reimbursement outside treatment course

The physicians’ order wished to “strongly” recall that, according to the Public Health Code article R.4127-19, “medicine should not be practiced as an occupation” and that “coordinated teleconciliation Care should be part of the path ”. And it is only on the condition that teleconvention is reimbursed determines the Cnom that indicates that the point drives the home “that it cannot be accepted that a doctor is likely to conduct a diagnostic test Takes care of a patient without. Whenever it is. Desired; without any regional anchoring or any knowledge of health and medico-social fabric; without worrying about the path of their care and ensuring that Without that continuity of care can be ensured. »

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Posing as a guarantor of conformity to medical practice within the framework of the “French social contract”, Cnom warns against offering a “commercial” telemedicine, considering with caution that the “teleconfiguration booth of supermarkets The enclosure seems open. In publicity, which was done through the press, to violate these obligations and by the course of care by the operators of telemedicine.

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