Tele 7 Jrs. Metamorphosis of a star with The Office (photo)

A new comedy series joins the Netflix catalog this Tuesday, April 12. The stage is actually launching season 1hardsell, a British nugget featuring a former event organizer who becomes the director of a women’s prison where prisoners will try to play music. marked by a very British humour, hardsell is in the middle modern Family for its looks – a mock-up with “interview” scenes in front of the camera – and orange is the new black For its representation among the humor and emotions of the prisoners’ daily lives.

But the main advantage ofhardsell, it is its producer and lead interpreter Katherine Tate who embodies the director of the prison. But not only that. The British actress and comedian slips into the skin of many characters throughout this season. She thus metamorphoses according to roles and occasionally appears in Rose, a prisoner madly in love with her tattoo “ prison wife ยป, in comparison to Big Viv, a blonde prisoner, violent, afraid of all and whose only refuge is the song. More surprisingly, Catherine Tate also hides behind the character of Marco, a prison guard as well as behind the character of Anne Marie, the very raw mother of one of the prisoners.

And as if 5 guys weren’t enough, the actress also played Ange, a shy prisoner who has trouble getting used to her new prison environment. “I really like being Marco. I realize he’s my spirit animal. (…) Most of his mannerisms have been improvised – he likes to roll his eyes and talk to the camera. I’ve worn wigs and prostheses wore limbs and got tattoos on me. The only character I didn’t have was Laura. (…) All others have either prostheses or small elements to change things up. With Rose, it’s subtle But I wear a kind of prosthesis, a different nose, and a tattoo. Every morning as I sat in the chair, I used to think, ‘God, why did I say he has tattoos everywhere?’ “, assigned the actress to the site What to Watch.

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Before Becoming the Queen of Makeovers hardsellKatherine Tate has already made an international mark as the Doctor’s wife doctor who Season 4 but exclusively in the cult series Nelly Bertram Office, A hopelessly incompetent but very ambitious woman who, after unsuccessfully applying to become regional manager of this Dunder Mifflin office, is later inspired to be president of Saber’s special projects following the paper company’s takeover.

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