Tehran defends negotiators in Vienna after criticism

The Iranian Foreign Ministry on Thursday strongly defended its negotiators sent to Geneva to save the Iran nuclear deal, following criticism in recent days by state media.

Representatives of the states (Iran, China, Russia, France, Germany, United Kingdom) are still meeting in the Austrian capital from 6 April to negotiate an agreement concluded in Vienna in 2015. To bring back the treaty and its commitments to Tehran to limit its nuclear program. Former US President Donald Trump’s administration unilaterally pulled out of the deal in May 2018, and a year after facing the withdrawal of heavy US sanctions, Iran has begun breaking ties with its key commitments.

The Iranian delegation sent to Vienna is led by Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Arghchi, who criticized English-language public broadcaster Press TV, citing anonymous sources on the talks. State television aired a program on Wednesday, writing that Iranian diplomats were betrayed by the United States over the 2015 agreement and were ready to make concessions again, shared by the country’s fringereservatives There was a scene. The United States exists in Vienna, but has no direct contact with the Iranians. The European Union mediates between the two parties.

“Pseudo Documentary” and “Insults and Condemnation”

“A small but noisy minority used all its power to target Iranian representatives in Vienna”, Wrote to the ministry in a long press release. He specifically accuses the English-speaking channel of state television and broadcasting “Pseudo Documentary” And “Humiliation and slander”, Showing Iran’s enemies as human “All powerful and wise who fooled” Iran this “Harms negotiator and diplomatic effort”, The ministry connects. In its press release, the ministry says it will be published soon “Non-confidential conversation document” Related to the agreement.

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On Wednesday, an American official said that the United States had begun sharing with Iran “Examples” They were ready to lift the restrictions. Tehran called for the lifting of all sanctions and said it was ready to return to its commitments once verified in practice. According to European diplomats “progress” has been made in Vienna “But a lot more remains to be done”. The final round of talks concluded on Tuesday and talks are scheduled to resume next week.

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