Teeth are mirror of health


  • The mouth is a reflection of the body: to maintain it means to take care of its health and well-being.
  • Daily hygiene and regular visits to the dentist help maintain oral health

Saturday, March 20 is World Oral Health Day, an occasion for the association Denton Health Recalling the close connection between a healthy mouth and a healthy body.

Bacteria present between gum and teeth

Actually, many pathologies appear in our mouths. It has certain lumbar pain, headaches, but has a close association with our teeth such as diabetes (especially type 2 diabetes), Alzheimer’s disease, certain cardiovascular diseases or even some cancers.

“Bacteria present between the gum and the teeth pass through the gingival vessels. These same bacteria spread to other parts of the body through the bloodstream and thus, over time, are exposed to a certain risk of problems, This is why regular dental care means that our mouths and our bodies will be healthy “: Dr. Edmund Binhas, Dental Surgeon and Founder of Emphasis Denton Health.

Two scaling per year reduces the risk of heart attack by up to 150%

Dr. Edmund Binhas also specifies that two scaling per year reduces the risk of myocardial infarction by up to 150% in a person suffering from cardiac pathology. The mouth is therefore a reflection of the body, and maintaining it means taking care of its health and well-being.

To maintain your overall health, here are some oral tips:
– Brush your teeth at least twice a day for 2 minutes.
– Floss or brush at least once a day (after the last meal of the day) to remove bacteria and dental plaque between the teeth.
– Visit your dentist regularly and without waiting for pain.
– Limit sugary snacks, carbonated drinks, as well as some diet drinks rich in acids.
– Inform your dentist about any changes in his general health.

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