Teenage friends drown in 100-foot waterfall after taking selfies with friends – World News

Teenage friends drown in 100-foot waterfall after taking selfies with friends - World News

Two teenage friends drowned 100 feet in an isolated waterfall where they went to take selfies.

Monica Mederos, 19, died as paramedics tried to resuscitate her after 19-year-old Bruna Velasquez was pronounced dead at the scene by rescuers.

Together they fell from a huge waterfall and died.

One teenager slipped while walking towards the top of the fountain, begging the other to help her before she lost her balance.

Monique was taken on a stretcher by a helicopter that came close to provide emergency treatment.

The teenager was pronounced dead before reaching the hospital.

Friends both drown to their deaths

The women were buried in their hometown of Lagos in the southern Brazilian state of Santa Catarina on Monday afternoon.

They posted pictures of the tragic moment before it was published on social media.

Today, friends and well-wishers pay their respects to the couple.

Bruna died on the spot
Bruna died on the spot

Monique later died at the hospital
Monique later died at the hospital

As Bruner was about to celebrate his 19th birthday on September 26, a friend said: “So beautiful and so young.

“Please God comfort your family heart.”

Dmitry Aruda, owner of a hamburger joint where Monique worked while studying to become a nurse, told local media: “He started working as a cashier before he managed me.

Bruna and Monique at the top of the waterfall together
The group of friends posted photos from the top of the waterfall

“I got sick and he helped me a lot and basically had to run the business alone.”

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Friends said the dead women were ‘inseparable’.

The Salto Caveras waterfall in the municipality of Lazes could only be reached by footpath, and Monique was taken to the hospital by helicopter.

Emergency responders who assisted in the rescue said that locals often moved to the area because of the natural beauty, even beyond the reach of visitors to the area where the teenagers lost their lives.

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