“Ted” meets “Chunky – The Killer Doll”: the horror comedy “Benny Loves You” appears in a limited media book

“Ted” meets “Chunky – The Killer Doll”: the horror comedy “Benny Loves You” appears in a limited media book

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The trailer scenes look like Seth MacFarlanes’ wacky mix “Ted“(USA 2012),”toy Story“(USA 1995) and”Assassin’s Doll Chucky“(USA 1988). The Horror Comedy”Benny loves you“(Great Britain 2019) is a cute stuffed animal that comes to life and slaughters everyone around it. Pierrot Le Fu, an independent label known for its unusual publications, by Carl Holt on July 16 and with Will be featured on film. On sale in 2021. Al! Ve AG as unabridged Limited media edition Bring out the booklet, poster and DVD version on Blu-ray. Both the German dubbed version and the English original version are available in DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1. Bonus content includes teasers and trailers, behind-the-scenes content and remote scenes. Below you can get the first impression of this fun bloodbath with the help of the trailer already mentioned.


Content: enough is enough! Toy designer Jack (K. Holt) finally decides to grow up after the bizarre death of his parents. He sells his house, which he has never left, and throws his childhood soft toy into the trash. But Benny, once the name of the beloved cuddly toy, comes to life and decides to win back the affection of his friend – who brutally brings anyone around with Jack around the corner! (Self)

From July 16, 2021 on Blu-ray Disc:

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Ø 2.50 points with 2 rating (s)

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