Teachers compete in a game outrageous to their class

In South Dakota, 10 teachers competed against each other to collect funds for the most dollar bills and school supplies for their class.


The game featured a $5,000 deposit at the Sioux Falls team rink. Thus the teachers faced each other for five minutes to get the most money. According to information received from the local newspaper Argus Leader, this amount was given by CU Mortgage Direct, a specialist in loan lending.
Images of the contest have gone viral on social media, as teachers doubled down on their efforts to raise the most dollar bills.

an “outrageous” game

American Federation of Teachers President Randy Weingarten considered the game “outrageous”. “Teachers shouldn’t be in a hurry to buy school supplies,” he said.
Some did not hesitate to compare the game to certain scenes from the Squid game series.
For their part, teachers have appreciated CU Mortgage Direct’s gesture. Indeed, South Dakota is the 49th state in teacher compensation. “I think it’s really cool when the community provides such an opportunity for things that teachers often pay for out of pocket.” Elementary school teacher Alexandria Kuyper said.


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