Targeted by sanctions for the treatment of Uygars, China bans American and Canadian personalities

China on Saturday announced sanctions against three celebrities and one unit from Canada and the United States in response to sanctions imposed by these countries earlier this week in the treatment of their Uygar minority.

Two members of the American Commission on International Religious Freedom, Gayle Manchin and Tony Perkins, as well as Canadian MP Michael Chong and a Canadian Parliamentary Commission on Human Rights, are barred from entering mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau, the Chinese foreign minister he said .

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The Canadian Conservative MP reacted on Twitter, stating that he approved the Chinese approval “Respect“”It is our duty to hold China responsible for its repression in Hong Kong and the massacre of the Uygars. We who live independently in democracy, under the rule of law, should become the voice of those who do not.“, He added.

Validity of the restrictions in question

According to the Chinese Foreign Ministry, the United States and Canada enforce sanctions “Based on rumors and misinformation“.

Approved officers, who are also prohibited from doing business with Chinese citizens and institutions, “All political manipulation on Xinjiang-related issues should stop, somehow stop focusing on China’s internal affairs“, The ministry said.

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Otherwise they will burn their fingers“, Warned the press release from the Ministry of External Affairs.

Problematic Treatment of Uyghurs

The European Union, United Kingdom, United States and Canada on Monday imposed coordinated sanctions against past and present leaders in the Xinjiang region, where Beijing has enforced stricter police surveillance for many years, and Beijing has imposed sanctions against European personalities. Immediately retaliated, including Ikolo Deputy Samuel Kogolati, and the British.

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According to studies published by American and Australian institutions rejected by Beijing, at least one million Uigars have been placed under house arrest. “The camps“In Xinjiang, northwest China, and Some topics “Bonded labor“, Especially in cotton fields. Washington believes repression of this Muslim minority “Massacre“.

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