Tangy 2021 iMac 24 ” gets unboxed four days before official release

Are you craving the latest 24 touch iMacs of 2021? A Chinese YouTuber has achieved the feat of trying out the iMac box several days before its official release. The opportunity to discover all the accessories included with the Apple device, as well as the operation of the new TouchID sensor on the new Magic Keyboard.

The design of the latest 24 iMacs introduced by Apple in 2021 is not only being emulated, but also Overall comments are rather positive. Apple has actually refined the device to unprecedented levels: it is now as thick as the iPad Pro, and for the first time removes the small apple from the front.

Mostly, Apple has decided to adopt a range of bright colors this year. Which reminds me of the Cult series of iMacs launched by Apple after the return of Steve Jobs. We can actually buy them in blue, green, pink, silver, youth, orange or purple. Colors are actually alloys of two different tones.

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Discover the first unboxing of the 2021 iMac 24

A fairly intense primary color covers the back and sides of the device. More pastel tones are used to color the feet and Chin under screenWhich persists because this is where Apple has installed its new motherboard equipped with M1 chip.. It also serves as a more pastel tone trackpad as well as an accent color for the keyboard.

In this first unboxing, We find the iMac 24 box in yellow., On Friday, May 21, 2021, four days before its official release. First observation: Apple has customized the device’s very premium box according to its color. The fabric transport handle is the same color, for example, as the machine.

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Once the box opens, we are greeted by a protective plastic, with the word Hello in the same color as the machine color. Under the iMac we find a set of amazingly supplied accessories, that too in yellow. There’s a new trackpad, a new Magic Keyboard with TouchID buttons, a yellow USB-C Lightning cable in braided, a power supply with integrated Ethernet, and a yellow mouse, a magic mouse with yellow accents and documentation.

The rest of the video, in Cantonese, shows how the new keyboard works with TouchID – as you might expect, nothing special, The biometric component works just like the MacBook Pros. We explore machine views in situ from various angles. The video ends with a benchmark with scores of the same order as other machines equipped with the M1 chip.

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