Tanger Med in Top 3 of Most Efficient Ports in the World (US Study)

According to a new US study, the port of Tangier Med ranks in the top 3 of the most efficient container ports in the world.

In the study published this week, the special site “Priceonomics” examines three criteria to measure the efficiency of 44 of the world’s largest ports in 2021.

Signed by researcher Rohin Dhar, the analysis focuses on time at anchor (the waiting time for a ship to reach port); time in port (the time a ship remains in port while cargo is unloaded and loaded); and total time (duration of mooring combined with time in port, calculated in days).

From the time of mooring analysis, Tanger Med Port is the second fastest in the world, with a wait time of only 0.2 days, behind the Chinese port of Shenzhen (0.0 days). The Moroccan port is far ahead of many major ports in this category, accomplished by the Port of Los Angeles, which has an anchorage time of 5.9 days.

With regard to time in port, the Moroccan port is ranked 5th this time around, with a score of 0.7 days for loading or unloading of goods, ahead of the ports of Hong Kong and Colón in Panama.

In terms of total time, Tanger Med ranks third in the world with a score of 0.8, meaning it takes less than a day for a ship to reach port and unload its cargo.

Thanks to its strategic geographical location on the Strait of Gibraltar, the Tanger Med port complex has established itself as a major center for world maritime traffic. This leading port, industrial and logistics platform provides ideal connectivity which strengthens the competitiveness of the national economy at the international level.

According to “Prisonomics”, US ports are at the bottom of the world ranking for 2021 in terms of container handling, especially the ports of Savannah (4.0 days), Long Beach (6.6 days) and Los Angeles (9,6 days). ,

US container ports have seen a slowdown amid pandemic-related global supply chain disruptions.

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