Take Your Chance: The Jaguar C-X75 From The Bond Movie “Spectre” For Sale

If you’re into Bond movies, the bright orange C-X75 from Villainous Mr. You probably didn’t miss Hinks. If you’re also a Jaguar fan, you probably know that the British never formally put the car into production, despite the favorable response. Now you can still pick one up, as one of the stunt cars from the movie is for sale in the United Kingdom.

gas turbine

In 2015, the audience of the Bond film the dark shadow Were familiar with this bright orange C-X75, but the look wasn’t entirely new. In early 2010, the car first appeared at the Paris Motor Show with the promise that the manufacturer would produce it in a limited edition of 250 copies. However, this never came to fruition: in the wake of the economic crisis, Jaguar decided in 2012 that a nearly one million euro supercar would not be the right move.

Behind the scenes, engineers built five prototypes, although the powertrain was modified. Originally, the C-X75 would be powered by two electric motors that drew their power from two gas turbines, but the latter eventually had to make way for a 1.6-litre engine with two turbos. In combination with an electric motor on both axles, the device achieved power up to about 890 hp.

Porsche Suspension and Jaguar V8

The C-X75 almost completely disappeared under the radar until 2015, when the car chased down James Bond’s Aston Martin DB10. the dark shadow, The film car changed its silver paint to bright orange for the occasion and showed a lot of difference under the skin from the original C-X75. For example, a hybrid powertrain was exchanged for a Jaguar V8 and the suspension of a Porsche rally car came in for a bumpy chase.

Jaguar C-X75 Specter 2021 for Sale

Jaguar reportedly made six more of these machines for the Bond film, bringing the total C-X75s worldwide to eleven. Yet this particular supercar can now be yours, as one of the cars is available in the United Kingdom the dark shadow Appeared on classifieds site pistonheads, However, you’ll have to pay something for it: the seller asks for £864,000 for it, converting to around €1,012,000.

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