Take part in the 30th anniversary of the Fte de la Science this fall

For 30 years, fte de la science has been an inevitable phenomenon For all audiences: family, school, student, hobbyist or science enthusiast. Every year, it brings together over a million visitors. 6,000 free events in 2,500 locations across France.

In recent months, the health crisis has demonstrated the indispensable role of science in analyzing, understanding and taking effective action against the COVID-19 pandemic. The 2021 edition of the festival thus, more than ever, turns out to be a decisive meeting bring science and society together and develop an essential trust relationship.

Scientific discovery in all forms

30 for himI anniversary, fte de la science chose the theme of a sense of wonder and discovery (“Eureka!”). Thus scientific personalities will be able to share with the public the moments of their daily life, scientific methods, work and discovery.

Chloe Nabadian, 2021 godmother commits to global warming

Journalist Chloé Nabédien presents weather reports for 1 pm and 8 pm on France 2 and participates in special editions of the editorial staff. Since 2017, it has also cooperated with the United Nations. world meteorological organization who chose him to represent France A big campaign to raise public awareness against climate change.

Live Science in Everyday Life

Daily meeting “Science en Direct” Exclusively Hosted by Fred Courant and Elodie Chabrol returns with a new formula, 1is October 10 from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm. In the program: A large 45-minute interactive quiz and duplex with scientists and engineers.

Scientific discovery also available in comics

for the sixth consecutive year, A Book Edited Specially for F फेte de la Science is offered, exclusively in partnership with the Group science for all of the National Publishing Union (SNE). this book brings together 10 subjects studied and presented in cartoon form by doctoral students.

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