Taiwanese politician pulls chopsticks with his butt in return for votes

Taiwanese politician pulls chopsticks with his butt in return for votes

The recall selection has become a real pain in the butt for a candidate.

In the recall game for Taipei mayor, Taiwan, last week, Taipei City Council Member Chiu Wei-chieh promised to draw a bar for every 10,000 votes over 10,000 votes against the then Kaohsiung mayor Han. Kuo-yu ” According to the Taipei Times.

Han also pulled Blasio and said, “As a candidate of the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) in the January 11th presidential elections, he entered the race a few months after he was elected as mayor, saying that some voters were betrayed. “The promises he made during the mayor campaign,” he said.

Chiu got more than 939,090 inhabitants voted for Han’s dismissal – much less than 574,996 votes, bargaining with a voting stunt.

However, Chiu kept his word and, according to the article, sent a video On Tuesday, he threw chopsticks with his butt – warning of a new Taipei City-based gastroenterologist Chang Chen-jung that “splinters from broken sticks can accidentally pierce meat and cause cellulite.”

Chang said he was concerned that people could try to imitate Chiu after watching his success in the video, and added: “He saw people who had inserted something in their anus and needed to be removed by surgery or endoscopy.”

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