Taiwan airport offers ‘pretending to go abroad’ airport tours between Covid-19 pandemics

(CNN) – With most tourism awaited during the grounding of planes and the coronavirus pandemic, a Taiwanese airport has found a unique solution that will help citizens correct their travel.

Taipei’s Songshan airport will give 90 people a chance to experience a tour and immigration at the airport, get on a plane and then take it out and return home.

“I can’t leave Taiwan, then pretend you’re going abroad at Songshan,” said a brochure on the airport’s website.

A view of Taipei's Songshan International Airport logo in January.

A view of Taipei’s Songshan International Airport logo in January.

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Songshan is smaller than Taipei’s two international airports and is located in the center of the city, next to the Keelung River.

As countries close their borders to try and avoid new coronavirus outbreaks that infect more than 7 million people worldwide, they have been effectively stopped in many parts of the world.

Some countries are already looking for innovative ways to strengthen their travel industries. In one example, Australia and New Zealand are working to organize a “travel bubble” between the two countries.
Taiwan locked its borders in March in the middle of the growing coronavirus pandemic and foreign nationals still banned from the island’s visit.

According to the competition pilot, there will be three Songshan Airport tours on July 2, 4 and 7.

Chih-ching Wang, Taipei Songshan Airport deputy director, said the tours will take half a day and allow visitors to experience what they want to board after immigration, then re-enter the country through immigration. .

“People who don’t have the opportunity to make international flights at Songshan use this opportunity to get experience and information about the boarding process and related service facilities,” Wang said. Said.

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Wang said that the participants will be allowed to board an airplane as if they were on a journey, then they will descend and return through immigration.

Tourists will also be “the first to experience new facilities at the airport”, and brochures added that visitors can “complete missions” and receive “special mysterious gifts”.

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