Tabloids lead Harry’s farewell to the UK


26.02.2021 – 13:00

Update: 17:27

Charles and Diana’s second son said, “The wind was getting really hard, the British press was destroying my mental health.”

The choice of the Duke of Sussex to leave the United Kingdom and official commitments as senior members of the Raj family falls mainly on the British press, beginning with the most sensational-populist tabloids. It was said by Prince Harry, interviewed in Los Angeles by an American TV, provoked media pressure and hostility that the entire channel literally risked driving him insane. James Corden, discrediting Charles and Diana’s second son in a communicative exchange with the Star (English), “The air was hard to find, as many could see, the British press destroying my mental health Tha, everyone knows what it could be “. The Late Late Show USA, a segment of the broadcast, aired last night and resumed on the island today. Recorded before the recent decision by Harry and his wife Meghan to renounce the status of senior members of the dynasty and subsequent revocation by the Queen of a series of their official positions and protections.

“I thought the (media) atmosphere was toxic now,” insisted Harry, who had in the past accused him of social or racial biases about his wife – a former actress of African American maternal descent – and her treatment as a Not very different from how they hunted their mother to the tragic end of Lady D. “I did what any husband and any father would have done,” he later claimed to have the honor of moving to America: without adding that “not abandonment, but a step back”. “I. – Duke of Sussex, which will be re-airing on CBS on March 7, a guest who was paired with anchor-female superstar Oprah Winfrey’s Meghan for an extensive female “intimate” interview “has been much awaited by viewers and apparently But there is apprehension in Buckingham. Palace – I will never run away and I will always contribute because my life is public service. It always has been and Meghan has achieved it. “

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