Switzerland to experience fourth wave of Covid-19, warns Burset

Restaurants, museums, zoos, concerts: The Swiss are facing an extension of the Covid certificate from Monday, a measure that has been well received by customers. Officials, for their part, are in favor of a certain flexibility.

As in Lausanne or Geneva, the use of COVID certificates in cafes and restaurants has been relatively rare, with Sooraj encouraging customers to take advantage of terraces. Inside, the remedy seemed rather well accepted, even if some consumers had to turn away.

A waitress at a tea-room in the city of Lausanne said, “We had to deny entry to three or four regular people who didn’t have certificates. They left with a face. It’s unfortunate, but we didn’t have any.” Not an option.” The scene has been reproduced in other installations, Keystone-ATS found.

Its president Laurent Terlinchamp said the Société des Cafetiers, Restaurants and Hoteliers de Geneve (SCRHG) has received several calls from managers of public establishments seeking advice and clarification. Many questions revolve around downloading the application in order to be able to control the certificates.

“support” establishment

On the side of the authorities, it is above all a question of “supporting” the installations and, if necessary, asking them to correct their practice, explains Jean-Christophe Sottrell, responsible for communication in the cantonal driving staff. . (EMCC). A sanction will only intervene for those who persist for not complying with the new rules. The number of establishments to be checked – 238 last week – has not been revised.

In the canton of Neuchâtel, the Consumer Affairs and Veterinary Affairs Service (SCAV) did not conduct an investigation on Monday. The first will be on Tuesday. “It is always delicate on the first day because some information is specifyable”, declared SCAV’s head of Keystone-ATS Pierre-François Gobat.

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In Geneva, the correct application of the certificate in restaurants and cafes will primarily be verified by the OCIRT (Cantonal Office for Inspection and Labor Relations). The police will also intervene from time to time and continue to keep a watch on the nightlife activities like discos. The administration will give restaurateurs some time to adapt before breaking down.

In Jura, the cantonal police conducted a dozen checks on Monday, but did not increase the number of inspections, Commander Damien Rarat underlined. It will focus on prevention during the first days, then move on to distributing fines and condemning.

In Wallace, the municipal police is responsible for the investigation. In this first week, in agreement with the cantonal police, we have planned an information phase, ”explains the head of the security service of the city of Monte Glen Martignier. Thus the officers have the task of visiting all the shops and restaurants.

Most of them are well informed but “need to be reassured”, he added. After this first day, Glenn Martignier insisted that he was not aware of any problematic issues with customers who would have refused to comply.

some flexibility

The approach is similar in German-speaking Switzerland, where the Basel-City health department has yet to start an inspection. He wants to give the establishments a few days to get used to the new situation. Police are verifying the new exercise of COVID certificates as part of their normal containment activities.

In the canton of Aargau, the authorities wish to observe “with a sense of measure”. Routine and random checks are carried out, as well as post-tests by third party reports. According to the experience of the Cantonal Police, the public has cooperated well so far.

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In Zurich, the municipal police informed the public that random checks, as well as checks on reports, would be carried out.

mandatory indoors

From this Monday, the certificate will become mandatory for all indoor events. This also applies to weddings in fitness rooms, swimming pools or public places. More than 1000 people have been requested to perform outside. The restaurant and bar can be visited for free on the terraces.

Political rallies, self-help groups, funerals and other religious services have also been exempted up to 50 people. Music or theatrical rehearsals and sports training for people under 30 are also authorized without a certificate.

Those who do not respect these measures may be amended. A customer without a certificate will have to pay 100 francs. Faulty establishments or organizers will be punished with a fine of up to 10,000 francs, or even closure.

The expansion announced last Wednesday has an impact on vaccinations already in place. According to data from the Federal Office of Public Health (OFSP), the rate of injections increased by 20% in the week of September 6 to 12, compared to the previous seven days.

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