Sweden: Greta Thunberg now on sale

Sweden: Greta Thunberg now on sale

A postage stamp bearing the image of Greta Thunberg is available in Sweden from Thursday. It is part of a notebook called “Precious Nature” drawn by Swedish artist Henning Trollbach. The vignettes of this series represent five of the country’s 16 goals for environmental protection, the report Guardian.

The pictures specifically represent the preservation of Swedish natural sites, Scandinavian Postal Service told Postnord. Teenage activists, other than forests, mountainous regions and their flora, appear on agricultural lands or even marshes and their biodiversity stamps. These are the values ​​that allow mail sent within the country.

12 Euros for 5 tickets booklet

The thumbnail on which she appears, Greta Thunberg stands on the edge of a cliff. The celebrator, who celebrated his 18th birthday on January 3, is wearing his iconic yellow raincoat. Most of the seals are occupied by birds flying near the rocks. Postal services said they wanted to pay tribute to the young girl’s commitment to “the preservation of unique Swedish nature for future generations”.

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