Sweden allowed the burning of many Qurans

Swedish authorities have authorized extremist Danish party leader Rasmus Paludan to organize demonstrations to burn copies of the Holy Quran near five mosques in different regions of the country.

On 12 and 13 May the protests were allowed in the Holunda and Husby districts of the capital Stockholm and the cities of Gothenburg, Boras and Trullhattan, following Paludan’s request, to hold their protests.

According to a police statement, it gave the right to protest and warned the protestors to riot against such demonstrations.

In a similar context, Bo Rothstein, a political scientist at the University of Gothenburg, argued that the burning of particular books such as the Koran is not considered freedom of expression, requiring such an act to be published as an “international crime”. has been emphasized. by Swedish newspaper Express.

Rothstein demanded that the burning of the Quran be included in the political ban on mass burning of books, which was issued in Europe in 1933 after Nazi Germany burned 25,000 books.

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