SVU to highlight ‘George Floyd’s death

NBC’s long-running crime drama “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” will get police brutality to highlight George Floyd’s death and anti-police protests surrounding the streets of America.

Executive producer Warren Leight reveals plans Hollywood Reporter “TV’s Top 5” podcast“emergence and future” of Floyd’s death to homeowners Fox News reported.

“We’ll find ways to tell the story,” Leight said, the audience said. “Probably our cops will still try to do the right thing but it will be harder for them and they will understand why it is harder for them.”

Leight also talked about how to change the show’s authors to “bring in new sounds, new sounds, different sounds.” He did not elaborate the changes.

Last year, Leight told homeowners that the crime drama that entered the premiere in 1999 “really worked hard to show how class and race last year affected the consequences of justice in society”.

Fox News, however, said he suspected he was not “really” difficult.

“This should be a moment when people are bothering themselves – people in power have to bother themselves,” he said.

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