Sven Nieuwoport now has luck

Because Sven Nieuwoport is a happy person. The 27-year-old central guard of Kambur is feeling good about himself. So good, in fact, that three and a half hours in a car does not disappoint him. Beverwijk is their home. Where the Nivoport family lives and lives. His wife works there and his two and three-year-old daughters enjoy themselves in daycare on busy days. Sleepless nights? “No, it sounds like a laugh. “But maybe in fifteen years, when the eldest daughter goes out. The father sometimes seems to have a hard time falling asleep. “

This is a later concern. Because after the first difficult season in Kambur, in which he made only three appearances, it is now the laughter that dominates. After a problem-free preparation and an almost perfect season opener for Nieuwpoort with Cambuar against the NEC. It went 2–0 for the Leeuwarders, who were beaten by the defenders themselves. Defeated? Yes. “The goal was a handball. Not on purpose, because I was pushed. But it was hands-on. “

If I had been a technical manager, I would not have known that I would have been able to continue myself as a player

The culprit himself accepted it after the victory. This baffled everyone, as everyone had escaped notice not to hit with their head, but with the top of their hand. The opponent, his fellow players, the referees and the television watching the Netherlands, were not noticed by anyone. “I assumed that everyone had seen that it was hands.”

Perhaps it was for this reason that he did not cheer so cheerfully. At least, that’s what Nieuwpoort thought of himself. “If I scored a goal, it would have sounded great”, he said with a laugh. “Only the feeling you used to meet on Friday when it was the weekend. I don’t feel it all now. I was happy, though. Do not get me wrong. But I was just as happy after my goal as 2-0 after Robert Muren. I had that little one. “

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He is an honest man, trainer Hank De Jong also said on Friday. “The trainer was surprised that I didn’t go to the referee to confess, okay?” “But I am really happy for the team. The NEC team has a tough opponent with good football players. It is good to start like this and I am happy that I am still a part of the team. “

Don’t show anything

Because it’s a good thing that Fake Boy is the technical manager, not Sven Newport. Because the defender who was born in Dan Helder and grew up in Alkmar was initially concerned about his future at the club. “If I were a technical manager, I don’t know that I would have continued as a player myself. I did not show anything in the previous season. If Kambur had said goodbye to me, I would have been disappointed, but I would have understood. But I am happy with the trust the club is getting. Not only from Henk de Jong and Sander van der Heid, but from everyone. “

And he repaid that confidence as the first Kambur goal of the season on Friday evening. The Ajax-trained defender, who later played for the Go Ahead Eagles and played in De Graftschap under De Jong and Van der Heid, focuses his sights on playing more minutes. However he is aware that his starting place is still largely with an injury to captain Eric Shouton, who was the undisputed man for the position left at center last season. “But you can see that the place in our team is easily taken by other players. Everyone in the team is aware of the agreements.

Tree-long striker Pouwels mainly wants to develop itself in Kambur

There is no doubt of meeting the striker’s position in SC Kambur this season. But should Robert Murren leave at any time due to injury or take a dip in size, there is a replacement with Merton Powells (21).

In terms of playing style, De Jong and Van der Heid have not given up what they put on their team in De Graftschap. “Then we quickly came into possession with a 4-3-3 to 3-4-3 formation when he moved back to midfield. Now this is a job for us as central defenders. I like it, even if it is different from situations used as a kind of extra ‘six’. But it works. “

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What works is the up-and-down journey between Beverwijk and Leeuwarden. “I sometimes stay in a hotel after a late game, but I just like to drive back and forth. Then I download a podcast that I can listen to on the car radio on the go. I listen to all kinds of things, especially macro-economic things that I find interesting. I am interested in the world of bitcoin and some geopolitical stuff. In the car I often let go of the sports world. And if there are no podcasts then that is a disappointment. Then it is a boring ride. “

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