Surprisingly I’m a Celebrity 2020 Cliff’s continued position – it’s not in Snowdonia

I’m a celebrity … Get me out of here! Back last night the stunning English part of the coast was on display.

The new series opened with celebrities being dropped off by helicopter at an undisclosed location, before they were tasked with descending a hill in the area.

The challenge offered an incredible view of the region, leaving visitors wondering where it was portrayed.

ITV did not reveal the position in the first episode of A Celebrity but it was unveiled locally.

Initially there was speculation that these scenes were shot in Snowdonia although this did not happen.

The absil was actually placed against the background of Penmon, near Baumaris in Angles.

Vernon K was one of the five celebrities who stopped the query clip

It looks like celebrities were challenged at the historic historic Flagstaff Quarry off the island’s coast.

The quarry has been the source of limestone since the 16th century and was still in use in the early 1900s.

Along with others in Penman, it provided the stone for important structures, including Birmingham Town Hall.

Limestone from the area was also used to build two bridges crossing the nearby Menai Street.

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Street is visible from the top of the square, which shows the breath of the surrounding area.

Visitors will see Puffin Island and its lighthouse in the background, as they are just a mile away.

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Celebrities were surprised to see scenes from the local Penmon village, including Jessica Plumer.

The former Estender actress said: “Look at this, it’s stunning. I want my phone to take pictures.”

Five celebrities were tasked with handling the ropes, while the other five walked on this style

After Cliff’s absence, 10 celebrities were eventually taken to the Gruich Castle camp in Abarzil.

From here they will spend the next three weeks, although they are likely to continue to fight for other challenges.

I’m a new celebrity series … Get me out of here! Continues on ITV tonight at 8 p.m.

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