Supreme Court prevents Trump from ending DACA

Jeffrey Toobin explains Supreme Court decision on DACA

While taking his opinion, Roberts once again made a party with the liberals on the bench in an instant dispute that was still hurting the judicial conservatives, as he decided to decide to support Obamacare.

The decision emphasizes that management does not provide sufficient reason to justify ending the DACA program.

“We are not deciding whether DACA or annulment is sound policies,” Roberts said. “’Wisdom of these decisions’ is not our concern. ‘We only consider whether the agency complies with the procedural requirement for providing a reasoned explanation for its action. “

Since the immigration reform is the lynching point of Trump’s agenda, it was a blow to the Trump administration. This means that currently participants in the program can continue to renew membership in the program, which provides them with temporary work protection and work permits.

In his first reaction to power, President Donald Trump retweeted a tweet involving the opposition of Justice Clarence Thomas.

“The decision is politically controversial but an attempt to avoid a legally correct decision,” Thomas wrote.

Trump also included a view that broadens the DACA decision and anti-discrimination protections for LGBTQ employees released earlier this week.

“These horrible and politically accused judgments from the Supreme Court were shotguns on the face of people proud to call themselves Republicans or Conservatives,” he wrote.

Former President Barack Obama also excitement DACA buyers wrote on Thursday morning: “Today I am happy for them, their families and all of us.”

“We can look different and come from anywhere, but what makes us American is our common ideals,” Obama wrote. The program was created eight years ago this week.

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However, the Trump administration may act again to cancel the program, but this time the administration will need to provide a better policy-based explanation due to termination.

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“Today’s decision allows Dreamers to breathe a temporary relief,” said Professor Stephen Yale-Loehr of Cornell Law School. Said. “The management may try to end the DACA program with a better justification, but it will take months or years. In the meantime, Congress should provide permanent relief for the Dreamers to complete this drama once and for all.”

Luz Chavez, a Maryland-based DACA buyer, was in the steps of the Supreme Court when the decision ended on Thursday.

“Now, at the end of the day, our community has won, right? We have been pushing this for a long time. Immigrant youth is the reason for the disclosure and creation of DACA,” Chavez told CNN. “Exciting.”

Created by Obama after congress deadlock

This is the person affected by the Supreme Court decision on DACA.

Founded in 2012, DACA can be used by any immigrant who came to the United States under the age of 16, who has lived in the US since at least June 2007, is not enrolled in high school or graduated, and is not strictly convicted. crimes.

The individual also did not have to threaten national security or public security. Buyers who met the criteria were entitled to two-year “deferred action” renewable grants for removal. They are also entitled to work permit and social security numbers. However, in return, they had to give the government specific credentials.

After Trump took office, Chief Prosecutor Jeff Sessions explained that the program was created “without proper authorization” and only after Congress refused the proposed law. The next day, at that time, National Security Minister Elaine Duke announced that it would be phased out, stating that there were “legal and constitutional flaws”.

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Months later, after the legal challenges began, National Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen posted a new note, with more policy-based justifications for ending the program. For example, he said the program increases the risk of reducing public confidence in the rule of law.

Federal courts stepped in and said that the administration acted arbitrarily while removing the program against the law. Courts pointed to the fine justification of the administration – Roberts and the Supreme Court finally agreed.

The administration acted aggressively and asked the Supreme Court to remove precautionary measures and the President predicted success.

“We want to be in the DACA High Court,” Trump said. Said. Judges, however, sat on the petition for months before issuing a final certificate.

The plaintiffs, including the California University, a handful of states and DACA recipients, claim that progressive access to the Supreme Court violates the Administrative Procedure Law, a federal law that regulates how institutions can establish regulations.

Why did Neil Gorsuch, who was appointed to the Trump High Court, retain his LGBTQ rights?

One hundred and forty-three collaborations and the company supported, emphasizing that DACA will gradually hurt the economy. The summary points to research from the libertarian Institute of Cato, which predicts that companies will find an estimated $ 6.3 billion to replace Dreamers if they can even find new employees to fill vacancies.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook made a brief statement, stating that his company is running 443 Dreamers from 25 different countries and four continents to support DACA.

“We didn’t keep them from courtesy or philanthropy,” Cook said. “We did this because Dreamers embody Apple’s innovative strategy,” he said. “They come from different backgrounds and exhibit a wide variety of skills and experiences to equip them to deal with problems from different angles.”

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After hearing the allegations in the case, supporters of DACA buyers told the court that about 27,000 buyers were working on the front lines to fight Covid-19.

This story is breaking and will be updated.

CNN’s Priscilla Alvarez and Jamie Ehrlich contributed to this report.

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