Supporters serving vaccination campaigns, denied sports campuses

The UK has continued its mass vaccination campaign, which already has more than 10 million people vaccinated and reaching its target of 15 million by mid-February. And to provide the means, the British authorities have decided to invest in several large sports complexes. As a result, crowds gather around football or rugby stadiums, but not to watch matches. Aston Villa’s stadium, Villa Park, has been transformed into a vaccination center with 1,500 doses per day. “It’s a good thing for football, we can no longer accommodate our fans during matches, so we can help ourselves using our stadium”, The club’s president rejoices Christian Purslow.

Lord’s Cricket, one of the most famous cricket stadiums in the world, has also been changed to help the officials. No more receptions, parties or weddings, doctors have invested places to vaccinate. “It’s amazing, it’s still the most famous cricket stadium in the world”, A witness was interviewed by France Television. “It doesn’t matter if people want to get vaccinated, like at the doctor, at the pharmacy, or anywhere else.” A lady advance “The more we vaccinate, the faster people will be able to come back to us” Paul Curry, Lord’s Cricket Staff.


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