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The Futura adventure began 20 years ago. Independent media since its inception, you can now support our freedom with a monthly subscription. In the menu, navigation and Futura are likely to participate in life without advertising on the entire site.

In just a few weeks, your Futura magazine will celebrate the 20thI Anniversary of its creation. Two decades ago, sharing major scientific news with its readers and questioning its turmoil in the world ()Global warming, Epidemic, The new era of space exploration through our files, surveys, chronicles, etc.) … plus two decades of journeys, from infinitely large to infinitely small, in parallel with our exclusive photo report Which takes us to the most beautiful land on the planet, which is sometimes the most threatened. A vocal presence on essential channels, without forgetting Social Networks.

Futura’s DNA

The passion for the dissemination of scientific knowledge remains the same as on the first day. During all these years, Futuro has never developed, diversifying its formats, expanding its disciplines and its audience, sometimes with more cutting-edge content, leading a dynamic team to the needs of reader concerns In. 100% independent media since birth on 1stis July 2001, Future believes more in this time of growing mistrust of science than ever Fake news, In its primary ambition for quality, rigorous and objective information (and popularization).

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So, if you like our articles, if you follow scientific news with the same perseverance and curiosity as we do day to day, and if you want even more, with new formats, contributors Please support us in our future adventures by becoming. Via Patrian Munch. Created in 2013, the site invites Internet users to a plethora of creative projects through regular subscriptions.

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  • Guaranteed ad-free access to the entire site and its services for € 3.29 per month(+)
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