superlative black hole

amalgamation of photographs from eight telescopes

If the image released this week took that long to acquire, it’s partly because what’s called “one picture” is actually an amalgamation of photos taken by eight different telescopes around the world. Is.

This collaborative project involving 350 scientists is called the Event Horizon Telescope.

But the picture of the second black hole was also an amalgamation of several telescopes. However, this presented, moreover, a great difficulty. Being 1000 times less massive, it changes appearance more quickly: every five minutes, the researchers estimate.

Images were taken for a week, so it was necessary to get a final result that literally eliminates blurriness, and which fills in the blanks.

Soon a film on the transformation of black holes

But to show these changes over time, the next phase mentioned on Thursday is no less than a film.

By taking advantage of the 4000 terabytes of information collected in 2017 – another exaggeration – and perhaps other observations made in 2021 and 2022. A film won’t tell the experts much more, but we can expect other ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’. Why praise?

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