Superheroes from “Bozo”, “Britain Power”

Boris Johnson in your shoes! Or rather, Great Britain has made the right choice to leave the European Union. In short, no regrets for Brexit, farewell to the EU, and to hell with the technocrats in Brussels!

On the stage of the Conservative Party Congress meeting in Manchester on October 6, 2021, the British prime minister wanted to breathe an air of optimism by promising a bright future for his country. It looks a lot like the Coué method… but whatever it is, Boris Johnson considers it hard as iron.

Covering the Tory Congress, AFP photographer Ben Stansall managed to capture all the energy and enthusiasm of Boris Johnson in a fraction of a second. “It’s almost a black and white photo, but it had to be colorful, because one can recognize Bozo’s blonde hair”. Photographer Pascaline Noeck explains.

It’s “Black Power” Not “Britain Power”

The power of the photo is that everything is hidden, he continues, but the message is suggested in garish clarity.

“This is not the ‘black power’ of black athletes raising their fists at the 1968 Olympic Games in Mexico City, but a celebration of the ‘Britain power’ of which Boris Johnson will be the superhero.”

Who knows, he might even be a magician who has some supernatural power or some occult power.”a kind of political Harry Potter in which the fist, where the light is focused, is the center of the image, The photographer continues. The diagonal prints the speed of the shot and draws the gaze upward. “” The sky is the limit “ (the sky is the limit), it seems the British prime minister tells us.

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With Boris Johnson, there is no room for doubt and no boundaries: “Global Britain” will shine all over the world and bring joy to His Majesty’s subjects. During this Conservative High Mass, the prime minister also claimed to have “taken over”.Problems that no government dared to deal with before” !

An “old broken system”

Mocking the passing of “good old” Michel Barnier, the EU’s Brexit negotiator and presidential candidate in France 2022, Bozo said he was “proud to have his back”.For an old broken system” based on “Low wages, low development, low qualifications, all made possible and facilitated by uncontrolled immigration”.

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But is his optimism shared by everyone in Great Britain? In British business circles, it is more serious. From employees to truck drivers, the country is facing a severe shortage of manpower to run the economy. According to the Road Transport Association (RHA), there is a shortage of one lakh drivers in the country. In an emergency, the government issued 5,000 work visas to foreign drivers of heavy goods vehicles and quickly trained local people.

Funny face soup in business circles

Images of motorists standing at gas stations or empty shelves in supermarkets across the country went unnoticed. Result: Prices are rising. The liberal think tank Adam Smith Institute approved Boris Johnson’s speech in Manchester:

Boris’s rhetoric was bombastic but meaningless and financially ignorant.

The British Federation of SMEs is also very critical and hardly appreciates the Prime Minister’s lyrical flights: “We ask the government to talk less and take more action”, its Vice President Tina McKenzie responded.

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But for Boris Johnson, elsewhere is necessary: ​​to believe that leaving the European Union had freed his country again from its fate despite the current difficulties. As if Bozo was the zealous prophet of New England. The important thing is to believe it…

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