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Have a good look in your cupboard before throwing anything. Since the first edition of the book Harry Potter, estimated at over 35,000 euros, a Super Mario Bros. game has broken a historical record at an auction held in Dallas (United States) by the Heritage Auction.

The copy, purchased in 1986 and left in a desk drawer by its owner, was still in its original packaging (pictured below) and sold for $ 660,000. The buyer’s identity is unknown, but it is now declining in history.

A very rare copy

« This is not only the best-sealed copy, it is also the oldest copy of Super Mario Bros. That we were never given a chance », Explained the US auction house in an official press release. In fact, this is about a very rare sample, as one of the first versions of the game resulted in ” Production was significantly lower those days.

« Finding another copy of the same production series under similar circumstances would be like a fall at sea. Added video game expert to Heritage Auction. When it was released in 1985, the game Super Mario Bros. Has sold over 40 million copies worldwide and revolutionized the video game world.

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