Super League – Catalan Dragons and TOIII – Red List Danger Looms for Rugby League

LCI has unveiled important information in passenger exchanges between the United Kingdom and France and this is not very encouraging for our clubs.

As the Super League closes this week, the competition could be overturned by another coup of the English government. Indeed, while Boris Johnson was questioned about France’s absence in the Red List, he said the case was being studied and could be announced in the coming days. Precisely how will it punish French clubs? French and Oceanic players will no longer be allowed to enter English soil and without exception.

In fact, travelers from countries on this list may not enter British territory unless they are citizens of the United Kingdom, Irish, or do not have resident status, in which case, they must be accommodated in a hotel at their expense. would stay. “We cannot exclude strong measures and we will implement them if necessary”, Added the Prime Minister which is the final decision in his hands.

Thirteen worlds

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