Super Expo-Sciences: Two Notre-Dame college students stand outside

Two graduates of the College Notre-Dame distinguished themselves in the Quebec finals of the Super Expo-Sciences Hydro-Québec. Florence Gagnon and Alexia Morin on “One Lost, Ten Push Back!” See your project by title. Prizes will be awarded at the provincial level.

Two secondary 5 students were interested in regeneration, the ability of a living entity to regenerate itself after the destruction of one of its parts. In his project, he explained and popularized the “extraordinary degenerative skills” of some animals based on their evolutionary history.

“Have you ever wondered whether there is a possibility to regenerate a whole part of our body, just like some animals? It is in the materials of our science fair that we clarified this question”, can we explain in the description of his project can read.

Florence Gagnon and Alexia Morin are among 20 exhibitors selected to be part of the Quebec delegation that will participate in the Canada-wide Science Fair from May 16 to 20. He also received a scholarship from Sherbrooke University, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences.

In total, $150,000 in prizes and grants were awarded to exhibitors aged 12 to 20 from all regions of Quebec, and who presented projects as simple as each other.

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